Life Coaching


For many of us, being ‘good’ or ‘ok’ isn’t really good enough.  We want to make the very best we can out of our lives and in the process achieve all we can and be the best we can.  Some areas of your life and work might need a bit of a boost or kick, others might be pretty good. But even the good bits could almost certainly be better.  Through coaching, we can help you rediscover your appetite for life, help you find balance and achieve your goals.

At Shift we believe people seek out coaching because they want things to be different.  They are looking for change or have important goals to reach. Sometimes they want more from life and indeed sometimes they want less.  It all comes from a motivation to change.

Coaching is based on the tenet that the individual is perfectly able to get to the answers and actions by themselves, but the coach is there to hold them accountable and keep them moving forward to their dreams and goals.  The coach and client work in partnership to move the client forward.  Ultimately, the coach is there to help people live lives of meaning and purpose.

We have clients all over the UK and Europe and sessions can take place in person or over the telephone or Skype.

“My coaching sessions with Helena have been incredibly rewarding in helping me to put things in place in my life that allow me to be who I want to be.  She used some powerful techniques that helped me view things from an entirely different perspective and helped me to realise what’s really important to me.  She also had a wonderful way of making me feel totally supported and comfortable whilst making these changes. Helena is a very inspiring woman and puts a huge amount of energy into our sessions. Our sessions would always have a good dose of fun in them and I leave feeling like I could conquer the world!”

Sarah Jane Pearson, Cambridge

The benefits of coaching are far ranging and very personal to each client. There are some common threads which include:

  • vision and sense of direction
  • greater focus
  • increased motivation and determination
  • greater confidence in all aspects of life and work
  • improved balance in different areas of life and health
  • sense of being in control
  • excitement about the future and courage.

If you are not sure if coaching is for you, take a free 30 minute taster session and judge for yourself.

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