About Us


Shift began when co-founders Gareth Thomas and Helena Bailey discovered a shared passion for doing crazy things that pushed them both physically and mentally. It was while recovering from a particularly brutal Winter Tough Guy race that they decided to work together and inspire others to join them and find their fierce courage and aim higher!

Shift was born.

As friends and colleagues, Helena and Gareth work well together, benefiting from their shared love of adventure. And it’s a powerful combination. One is bursting with ideas and mental energy; the other is a great planner and doer. Between them they can help you overcome your fears and bring about long lasting change.

Why choose Shift?

At Shift we specialise in helping you achieve your ambitions. Whether it’s your career, personal development or simply the desire to reconnect with your body and mind, we help you work it out.

With Shift you’ll experience achievement through great coaching and through challenge, we will encourage you to venture outside your comfort zone and connect with a different frame of mind. It’s about creating the momentum for change so you reconnect with your mind and body and make your physical and mental wellbeing one of your top priorities.

Our bespoke exercise programmes combine targeted fitness and nutritional plans with motivational training – all designed to enhance your performance, increase self-awareness and improve relationships, both in your professional and private life.

It’s about focusing on possibilities and eliminating limitations.

With clients all over the UK and Europe we can coach you down the line by Skype or phone or in person. It’s about what suits you and your lifestyle best.

Meet Helena


Helena has been there and done that. Corporately speaking.

With more than 15 years’ experience in management consultancy and corporate affairs, Helena knows the reality of being a leader in a global business. She’s also a regular participant in adventure races and loves nothing more than getting muddy and exhilarated on the global events circuit.  She is a qualified Level 2 CrossFit coach, and is the gymnastics and endurance specialist at CrossFit Fearnaught.

As a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) from the Coaches Training Institute (CTI), Helena takes a is a passionate about helping clients achieve their goals and find and ignite their spark. With the added benefit of being able to apply psychometric tools, such as MBTI and FIRO B, her insightful approach helps clients unlock their full potential and successfully navigate their corporate and personal challenges.

Helena has worked in a variety of roles for BDO Stoy Hayward, E.On, McKinsey and Ernst & Young. Her experience has exposed her to many cultures, work environments, problems, solutions and creative ways of doing things.  The result is that she is passionate about problem solving – nothing is too hard! Since setting up Shift Helena has brought all her corporate experience into play but in a space she is truly passionate about.

She also has lots of qualifications including a BA (Hons), MA, MBA as well as being a qualified coach. If exams took place in a muddy field she’d be in heaven!

Meet Gareth


Gareth understands how fitness can be truly life changing.

A former captain in the Royal Armoured Corps with tours of Iraq and Afghanistan under his belt, he’s a real force of nature. He understands the change that comes from being at the edge of your comfort zone and enjoys working with teams to develop bespoke programmes and courses that provide challenge and test the team dynamics.

He’s been a leading Personal Trainer in the East of England since 2010. He is a qualified strength and conditioning coach and Level 2 CrossFit instructor, Gareth specialises in Olympic weightlifting and power athlete strength and conditioning programming.  He also has experience in preparing people for military and emergency service physical selection tests.

Gareth has run almost every obstacle race there is and advises clients on training for events from Tough Guy to an ultra marathon.  He trains out of the CrossFit Fearnaught box on the edge of Cambridge and is available for personal training and specialist one to one weightlifting coaching.

Life. Changing. Fitness.